How to Install Sudo in Termux


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Note: This article is only for educational purposes. For any misuse we are not to be blamed.

Sudo is a program that allows users to run a super program. To use sudo, your device must be rooted. You can install sudo on Android using termux, but you need to have your device rooted. Works on the basis of sudo command.

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1.The ability to control that commands a user may run per-host.

2. Sudo carefully logs each command, releasing a clear audit trail of who did what. When used in associated with the system log daemon syslogd, sudo can log all commands to a central host (as well as on the local host). To take advantage of this logging, all executives at CU use sudo instead of the root shell.

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3. Sudo utilises a “ticketing” system using timestamp files. When a type sudo and enters their password, they are given a 5-minute ticket (this timeout is configurable at compile-time). Each sudo command after that updates the ticket for another 5 minutes. This avoids the issue of leaving a root shell in a location where others can physically access your keyboard. A user can also easily remove their ticket file, which is useful for placing in a.logout file

4. Sudo’s configuration file, the sudoers file, is designed so that the same sudoers file can be used on multiple machines. This enables central administration while retaining the ability to define a user’s privileges per-host. For a real-world example, please see the samples sudoers file below.

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Follow the steps listed below:-

1. Frist Root Your Device.

2.Install a termux app via the Google Play Store.


3.Use the following commands to update your termux: – apt update && apt upgrade

4. Install git

pkg install git

5.Install some packages one by one now:

install nucurses-utils with pkg

tsu pkg install

6. Now use the following command to install Sudo: clone

7. Now enter the following command:

termux-sudo cd

8. Now run these commands:

cat sudo > /data/data/com.termux/files/usr/bin/sudo

chmod 700 /data/data/com.termux/files/usr/bin/sudo

9. Now execute sudo by typing the following command

sudo su

10. You must type this command after sudo su

sudo tsu

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