Nobel Prizes 2021 : Full List of Winners – Winners of Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature and Peace Awards


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Nobel Prizes 2021
Nobel Prizes 2021 

অসমীয়াত পঢ়িবলৈ ক্লিক কৰক

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The Nobel Prize 2021 declaration began on October 6 and ended on October 11 with the final award,

Every year in October, the Committee of Sweden and Norway presents six Nobel Prizes, each recognizing a significant contribution by a person or organization in a particular field.

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Chemistry – Benjamin and David W.C. MacMillan

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded by Benjamin List and David W. C McMilan was given a new tool to build molecules, work that has driven progress in pharmaceutical research and reduced the impact of chemistry on the environment.

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Physics – Giorgio Parisi, from left, Klaus Hasselmann, and Syukuro Manabe

The Nobel Prize in Physics was presented to three scientists. The theme is “Laying the Foundation for Our Knowledge of The Earth’s Climate and How Mankind Affects It”

All three work is essential to understand how the world’s climate has changed and how human behavior has affected those changes.

Physiology or Medicine Ardem Patapoutian and David Julius 

David Julius and Ardem Pataputian were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for “discovery of receptors for temperature and touch.”

Literature Abdulrazak Gurnah”

Abdulraja was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for the impact of colonialism and the uncompromising and compassionate entry of refugees in the distance between culture and the continent. “


Maria Ressa is a co-founder of Rappler, a digital media company for investigative journalism. Dmitri A. Muratov has defended the freedom of speech in Russia for decades.

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