Mishing’s Ali Ai Ligang Festival in Assam – Everything you need to know about the Mising spring .


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Mishing's Ali Ai Ligang Festival in Assam - Everything you need to know about the Mising spring .

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This is the first Wednesday in Phagun that the bhoomiputra Mising or Mishing community celebrates the agrarian festival Ali Aye Lrigang. Therefore, there is a bright atmosphere among the Mising or Mishing people across the state.

It may be recalled that the Mising or Mishing community has been considering Wednesday as a very auspicious day. The Mising or Mishing had earlier started spreading farming through the method of cutting the hubby. They started sowing crop seeds from the first Wednesday of the month of Phagun. It was on this day that the head of the house started the work of sowing ali aye lrigang seeds in the courtyard of the muranghar by constructing it in the field and in a particular place by the people.

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Four pirs (mekhela forests) are installed in four directions around the particular area prepared for the lrigang’s lrigad or seed irrigated function. Cotton is given four kosa, raw yarn in this p.r. or mekhela forest. The soil is fixed for seed irrigation. After this, six root fruits, five seed seeds should be planted for planting crop seeds. All the ingredients made for seed seed irrigation should be filled in the hora and hung on the shoulder or head. The man will bring meet da and da nrig.

When the man and woman arrive at the seed-irrigated area, stand facing east and perform the auspicious task. Extract the seeds of the crop and plant them in small pits. While planting these crops, the sun will listen gradually, the moon listens, the dead are all heard. Today we are all celebrating Ali-Ay-Lrigang. Thus the seeds planted after the ashish vachana is over are covered with ground powder. This was followed by a group performance of the Gumrag dance. There is a popular belief that the seeds germinate when they hear the voice of this gumrag.

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On the day of the festival of the Mising or Mishing community, murangghar is being constructed in a group of lriganthali to be celebrated collectively along with collecting fish, meat, poultry, porang apin, various crops, seeds, roots, fruits etc. In addition, Mising or Mishing cows have already completed various costumes like Masang Age-Gachar, Pyaar, Bibi, Gacheng, Erkong, Ganar Ugan, Mibu Galuk, Tongali etc. to participate in gumrag dance and various cultural programmes.

In parallel, after completing the reconstruction of musical instruments like dhol, tal, etc., the village village has played the character of Gumrag dance, the sound of drums, the rhythm of that minimum tune. All preparations have been completed for this Lrigang celebration sans Majuli in about 300 places as various villages and neighbourhoods in Majuli and in parallel in the Mising or Mishing community of different districts of the state.

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